The challenge of accelerate is no small one. It’s going to require all of us to be involved at some level. Challenging does not mean unachievable; it just requires unity and effort.


Latest news about ACCELERATE.

  • Momentum

    A healthy church can never afford to just be status quo. Either it is moving forward, or it is falling behind. It is never static. There is much to do for the Kingdom in our church. More often than not, doing ministry requires money. Over the next two years, in addition to our current giving [...]

  • Mobility

    Over the next two years we intend to unleash and empower our people to dream, initiate and implement plans for reaching poor and marginalized people in Lake County and especially Waukegan with the love and message of Christ through relationships and service. We will call these endeavors ICU (Immanuel Church Unleashed), and we will provide [...]

  • Movement

    The heart of Immanuel begins at home but continues beyond, by partnering with local churches around the World. We will accelerate the funding of specific initiatives to strengthen our existing partnerships and to open countless other opportunities. JELLY (Jesus, Education, Love, Loans, YOU) – Through Bright Hope, we will work with a Haitian church and [...]